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Can LatAm Banks Perform With Falling Oil Prices?

UBS | China growth concerns and oil price weakness have undermined market sentiment and heightened risk a version in recent weeks. Given EM banks’ credit exposure to commodities/energy sector, estimated at less than 5%, there are also growing concerns over bank sector fundamentals.

EM banks

Mobiles vs Branches: The future for EM banks distribution

LONDON | May 30, 2015 | Cristina Marzea (CFA) | All the buzz these days is about digital banking: will banks lose business to disruptive entrants, or will they fight back and embark on a massive digital revolution which will see the branch concept become obsolete. Not all EMs are the same – this refers to levels of bancarisation, credit penetration, technology and mobile adoption, as well as the competitive banking landscape that shapes where each banking market is in the technology cycle.