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EU summit reached a deal but the differences remained

EU Summit: Big Promises But Differences Remain

Israel Rafalovich (Brussels) | After talks that lasted until the early morning hours on Friday, EU leaders reached a deal but the differences remained while heads of states issued victory statements that the summit was a “success”.

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An EU Summit Of Challenges Before 2019 European Elections

Israel Rafalovich | The turmoil in Italy and Spain as well as the transatlantic tensions served as a wake-up call for the European Union. On the upcoming EU summit’s agenda will find all the EU challenges : Migration, Eurozone and Defence. EU officials said that the summit will need to re-energise the European Union and call on EU leaders to overcome divisions and implement reforms.


A Summit To Shape The Future Of The UK And The EU

BARCLAYS | If there is to be a June referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, an agreement between the EU and the UK on EU reform needs to be found this month. The 18 – 19 February EU summit is widely perceived to be seen as the best opportunity to strike a deal, though the possibility exists that a deal could be reached at a follow – up extraordinary summit, shortly after.

Greek debt restructuring

Greek debt restructuring: the mother of all battles

BRUSSELS | July 7, 2015 | By Alexandre MatoWhen euro leaders and their finance ministers meet with the Greek government later today for a fresh round of negotiations to agree on a new economic assistance programme, the debt issue will still be the mother of all battles. Over the last few days, some economists in Brussels have gathered together ideas for putting Hellenic public finances in order.



Markets consolidate ahead of EU summit

The Corner | June 25, 2015 | As EU finance ministers are meeting for a second scheduled summit today, European equities opened lower: markets are cautiously optimistic for a deal between Greece and its creditors.

EU summit

Oops, Angela did it again

Economist Luis Arroyo describes the dimensions of the troubles the Spanish banking system faces and concludes that Chancellor Angela Merkel has, again, made the wrong moves during the last EU summit.