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The EU Unblocks Recovery Fund In Return For Delaying Rule Of Law Regulation For Hungary And Poland

The European Council has reached an agreement on the Rule of Law Mechanism’s application that convinces Hungary and Poland and the rest of the 25. Thus, the European Commission commits itself not to develop the specific regulation on this Mechanism and not to publish the guidelines that will structure its working until the EU’s Court of Justice has ruled on whether the mechanism is fully in accordance with European law or not. This may take between six months and a couple of years. Aids from the EU recovery fund could begin to flow from June 2021. 

The ratio of NPLs could be close to 3%in Europe in 2020

While Waiting For A Plan Which Keeps Both North And South Happy, the EU Considers New Green Taxes To Finance It

An important day in Europe today. The European Commission will present its proposal for a post-coronavirus economic recovery plan. Ursula Von de Leyen will seek to find a compromise between the demands of the countries most affected by the pandemic and those of the so-called frugal countries. Instead of countries putting more money from their national coffers into the European Budget, the EC plans to finance itself with new “green” taxes that could raise annual revenues of €5-14 Bn for the EU.

Brexit update: The exit is only the beginning

Brexit Badly Hurts The European Budget

JP Marín-Arrese | Those betting Brexit would take a heavy toll on Britain, discover much to their surprise that the EU stands as the first collateral casualty. The vacuum left in the budget by the UK departure has fuelled bitter acrimony between the Member States, especially in those receiving large amounts of Community money, like Spain. Its PM Sánchez has described the proposal tabled by the Council Chair as deeply disappointing.

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Brussels budget scrutiny in the Eurozone

MADRID | By JP Marin Arrese | The European Commission has undertaken a thorough review of national budgets following the sweeping powers conferred to it to ensure consistency across the Eurozone. When enacted, this move was heralded as breaking into new territory. Yet the opinions now delivered flatly fail to meet its ambitious goal.