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Spanish exports grow by 16% in January (12% for inflation)

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism published yesterday that Spain’s trade deficit stood at €3,955.8 million in January, 39.4% lower than in the same month of 2022 (€6,522.8 million). In the month analysed, the energy deficit reached €2,849.1 million, also significantly lower than the €3,358.6 million generated in January 2022, while the non-energy deficit stood at €1,106.6 million compared to €3,164.2 million in the same month of the previous…

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China once again upsets September’s foreign trade figures

Luis Alcaide | Little has emerged from the face-to-face meeting between Xi Jinping and Pedro Sánchez during the G7 meeting in Bali. Only the Spanish Prime Minister’s request to his Chinese counterpart to exercise his best offices with Vladimir Putin to stop his invasion and destruction of Ukraine. Nothing has come to light about the bilateral relations between Spain and China, despite the fact that China is the leading international…

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Fashion Maintains Its Share Of Spain’s GDP At 2.8% In 2019; But A Substantial Impact Is Expected In 2020

Fashion is fundamental to the Spanish economy, by contributing more than 2.6% to GDP in the primary sector. This is only slightly less than the 3.6% from banking and insurance or the 5.8% from construction, according to a joint report from Modaes.es, the Centre for Information on Textiles and Clothing (Cityc) and Accenture. However, the pandemic has sparked big declines in terms of activity, employment, exports and retail sales in the first months of 2020.

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The Coronavirus Crisis Could Cost Spain Between 3.9% And 10% Of GDP

The coronavirus crisis could cost Spain 3.9% of GDP, in a mild scenario. But if the current containment and crisis measures are extended for three months, GDP could fall by up to 6 percentage points. And if they continue until summer, by almost 10. This is one of the conclusions of the report presented yesterday by Nuno Fernandes, Professor of Finance at IESE Business School.

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The Spanish economy at a glance in December

Círculo de Empresarios | The Bank of Spain forecasts that the Spanish economy will embark on a gradual path of deceleration until 2022, and therefore maintains its 2% and 1.7% annual growth forecasts for 2019 and 2020, respectively. GDP growth rests on the back of positive evolution of domestic demand owing to the healthy wealth situation of households and companies, and a monetary policy that is accommodative. In contrast, the external sector loses dynamism as growth in exports is less than imports in an environment rife with global uncertainty.

Spain’s export map is changing

The Spanish Exports Map Is Transforming

Enrique Fanjul (Real Instituto Elcano) | There has been a lot written lately about the role of the foreign sector as the driver of the Spanish economy’s recovery. There have also been some very interesting academic papers published, which provide us with more details of the new configuration of Spanish exports. The exports map is changing, with non-tourism services an increasingly more important segment.