Iberia (IAG) to significantly exceed pre-Covid capacity this winter

Renta 4| The winter season runs for five months, from November to March. Iberia has programmed a level of connections for next winter (November 2023/March 2024) to the American continent that is 17% higher than in 2019. The big leap will take place in the US, with 90 weekly flights and 24% more capacity. In Latin America, Iberia intends to increase supply by 14% more than before the pandemic. On…

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Iberia (IAG) will focus on Latin America in 2023, after strengthening its position in 2022 in the US

Link Securities | Ibera, integrated in the holding IAG, will focus on growth in Latin America in 2023, after strengthening its position this year in the US, and as it waits for the opening up of the Asian market, according to the daily Expansión. Latin America is the strategic market for the airline, where it is the leader in the corridor with Europe, with a market share of 19% in…


Iberia Shelves Air Europa Takeover And Notifies Brussels

Iberia’s withdrawal of the memorandum of understanding in which the airline anticipated the conditions that could be imposed by the European Commission to approve the operation, makes it practically impossible to get the go-ahead from Brussels. As José Hervás explains today in Capital Madrid: “In the last two weeks there has been a 180-degree turn in the negotiations between the airline Iberia, the IAG group and the European Commission regarding…


IAG results exceeds expectations

Renta 4 │ IAG results for Q219 exceeded expectations. It has maintained its guidance for 2019 and downgraded its expectations for oil prices. Positive impact on share price.

Iberia grows more than IAG´s other airlines, while Brexit is debated

Iberia Grows More Than IAG’s Other Airlines, While Brexit Is Debated

The British/Spanish company carried 112.9 million passengers last year, an increase of +7.7% over 2017, and with a load factor of 88.3%, an increase of +0.7%. Iberia achieved a year on year increase in traffic of 11.7%. As well as Iberia (including Iberia express), two other airlines of the group, Aer Lingus and Vueling, contributed to this growth with a 9.8% increase in traffic, while British Airway’s traffic increased 3.3%.

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Iberia And Vueling Challenge High Speed Train

Starting tomorrow, Iberia and Vueling, both owned by IAG,  will coordinate their schedules to allow passengers the option to choose among 26 daily frequencies in each direction (16 Iberia and 10 Vueling) against 18 daily connections of the railway operator Renfe, all taking a less-than-3-hour-travel time.


Iberia strike’s crazy sudoku

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Güell | Some say the first step to solve a problem is to know what is it about. Although when it comes to Iberia, that has been having problems for more than two decades, it is not that simple. The once flagship Spanish airline had been denying its difficulties and its fundamentals rotted. Something that will be remembered in the history of aviation.


Iberia’s death: stranger things have happened

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Güell | The future is not easy for traditional commercial aviation in Europe and the trend is one of heavy losses and a drop in global market share. In 2012 the Association of European Airlines estimates air carriers will lose up to €2 billion.

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Threadneedle: healthy demand for equities after liquidity boost in EU, UK, Japan

LONDON | Global asset manager Threadneedle pointed at liquidity operations carried out by most G20 governments as the primordial reason behind the recent rally that the equity sector has experienced. “We see the LTROs, the recent £50bn extension to quantitative easing by the Bank of England and the ¥10trn increase in the Bank of Japan’s asset purchase scheme as activities that boost liquidity and are likely to increase demand for…