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Industrial Production: Will there actually be an acceleration in 2S14?

MADRID | The Corner | After France and Italy’s (second and third most important countries in the single currency bloc) poor industrial production data of -1.9% (vs previous -0.51%) and +1.4% (vs previous +0.2) respectively, expert at Barclays Alberto Vigil wonders why analysts are so sure that there will be an acceleration in the 2S14.

*The green line is the Eurozone’s GDP, whereas the other two are Italy’s and France’s industrial production.

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Germany’s monthly decline is the biggest in two years

MADRID | The Corner | European and US markets fell on Monday while waiting for the Wall Street’s quarterly results season to begin. The session began without a clear trend, but the European markets went downwards when Germany published disappointing industrial production data in May. This monthly decline is the biggest in two years and might be the result of the 1st May long weekend and the geopolitical tensions deriving from the crisis in Ukraine.

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Italian exports too little for ailing economy

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Unlike Spain, where the external sector is supporting the economy, Italian exports fell by 1.9% in 1Q13, its worst register from 1Q09. The country’s GDP dropped by 0.6%, and April’s industrial production by 0.3%.