Investment banks

Credit Suisse: The CHF 10bn Question

Exane BNP Paribas | Following the appointment of Tidjane Thiam as group CEO, there is more scope for a shift in strategy away from the investment bank and towards the wealth management business. Many investors compare this to when UBS announced their restructuring in 2012. In theory this should free up capital, and reduce the volatility of the earnings, enhancing the valuation. This sounds good so far, but we have to look at some numbers.  


“Opening the kimono” of the US market-maker activity

NEW YORK | There are more than 20.000 market makers only in the US. Now one of them –a very, very big one, JP Morgan– has broken for the first time a code of silence among investment banks by revealing how much they rakes in as a market-maker. A market-maker quotes bid and offers prices for specific stocks or other securities that it holds. Its aim is to make money by…