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Standard Ethics has Downgraded JPMorgan Chase’s Corporate Rating

Standard Ethics has downgraded JPMorgan Chase’s Corporate Rating to “E+” from the previous “EE-”. The Bank -component of the SE US Index- is one of the world’s oldest and largest financial institutions. The US Bank financially supports the ‘Super League’ project consisting of some of the biggest European football clubs some of which are controlled by non-European shareholders.

JPMORGAN 682 967596a

Crypto Corner: JPMorgan Chase providing banking services to crypto exchanges

Adam Vettese (eToro) | Investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase has begun to provide banking services to cryptoasset exchanges, according to reports. The Wall Street Journal first reported overnight that both Coinbase, the largest US-based bitcoin exchange with more than 30 million accounts, and Gemini, which was started by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, have agreed a deal to use JPMorgan’s banking services.

Change of cycle to cyclical stocks to defensive

JP Morgan just can’t agree

While the US bank’s chief economist in pointing to systemic risks, financial bubbles and market complacency, his colleagues in Spain believe “this tale about market manipulation is not real.”

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Can JP Morgan Settlement Set a Precedent?

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | JP Morgan, the U.S. biggest bank, will have to pay a historic penalty of $13 billion over faulty mortgage practices, according to the settlement with the Department of Justice announced on Tuesday. That’s the equivalent of Iceland’s annual GDP, and more than three times the amount BP had to pay for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. For some, it was about time that the administration started to take action against those who ignited the economic crisis. Others believe JP Morgan is just a scapegoat.

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How close is Washington from a fiscal cliff?

After months focused on the eurodrama, markets are starting to care more about the so-called fiscal cliff, a popular shorthand term used to describe the situation that Washington will face at the end of this year. Bush tax cuts are set to expire unless Republicans and Democrats agree on how to extend them and who would have to pay. This combined with $110 billion in defense and domestic spending cuts…


Will Anglo-Saxon banks steal spotlight from the euro zone’s?

LONDON | Morgan Stanley recently estimated that liabilities in fines and damages could amount to as much as $22 billion against the dozen banks allegedly involved in Libor-rigging. No one knows. The dimension of the case could scale up once brought to the courts of justice and the spillover on the markets would be extremely difficult to contain. The risk is all too evident. For instance, when Barclays was sentenced…

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Chronology for the euro salvation

how to get your ex girlfriend back By, in Madrid | Europe has been immersed in a long and complex change process for the last three years. The global currency department at JP Morgan has published a report marking out the path that Europe should be following in the medium and long term. It expects a main scenario in which no country member leaves the euro, but in which…


Too big to fail, also too big to govern?

NEW YORK | “Errors”, “sloppiness” and “bad judgements”. Whatever. The fact is that JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon, no matter what he pleads, is the ultimate responsible for the bank’s 2 billion dollars loss through risky trade with its own money. A big embarrassment that made their stock price plummet around one tenth of their value on Friday session dragging the rest of the banking sector. Washington, Wall Street and financial…


“Opening the kimono” of the US market-maker activity

NEW YORK | There are more than 20.000 market makers only in the US. Now one of them –a very, very big one, JP Morgan– has broken for the first time a code of silence among investment banks by revealing how much they rakes in as a market-maker. A market-maker quotes bid and offers prices for specific stocks or other securities that it holds. Its aim is to make money by…