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Monday’s US charts (especially) for Spain’s labour union leaders

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | While some Spanish labour union leaders attend press conferences dressed up in expensive Rolex watches, employment numbers increase somewhere else: in the US, as this graphics show and economist Tim Duy explains in his post. Hiring activity in the US raises 245,000 new jobs since last December. It always is inconvenient and very imperfect to compare different national labour markets and I know better. Yet,…

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The unions and the Esther Koplowitz philanthropic effect in FCC

get your ex back MADRID | Esther Koplowitz, Fomento de Construciones y Contratas' (FCC) core shareholder, recently received an award from the Construction and Woodworkers Foundation (FCM) of Comisiones Obreras labour union in the 'commitment to the community' category. The union noted FCC's work in the area of “creating a solidarity network which focuses on the most disadvantaged groups.” The Foundation lauded FCC's efforts to encourage its employees to volunteer…