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Australian strikes and competition from Asia make gas futures rally for second time in a week

Norbolsa| The European natural gas futures market rallied for the second time in less than a week, with the market becoming increasingly stressed by the possibility of strikes in Australia at companies that operate almost 10% of global LNG. Although Europe is not a regular buyer of LNG, the shock comes from competition with Asia for supplies and with the winter season approaching.

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Repsol suspends LNG terminal project in Canada due to cost overruns

Norbolsa | Repsol has decided not to develop the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal it had projected on the east coast of Canada for European supply, as it would not be profitable due to transport costs. To reach the terminal, the gas would have to be transported thousands of kilometres from western Canada, which would require a new pipeline network through Canadian provinces and northeastern US states that have resisted fossil…

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Enagás And BP Join Forces To Boost Promotion Of LNG And CNG In Transport And Renewable Gases

Enagás and BP Oil España have signed an agreement to promote emission reduction projects in Spain. Their objective is to boost the role of renewable gases in the energy mix, helping to reduce the carbon footprint. So Enagás, through its subsidiary Scale Gas, will roll out LNG and CNG sale points in BP’s filling stations’ network, promoting the use of a low emission energy source as fuel in the automotive sector.

The auto trade war is a shaky ceasefire

The Auto Trade War Is A Shaky Ceasefire

BoAML do not think the Juncker-Trump trade agreement is a game changer. Rather they argue that the deal lowers the near-term risk of an auto trade war, supporting their cautious optimism on Europe. However, the deal is largely symbolic in nature, and as we have seen with past “ceasefires”, it may not last long.

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Can’t live without Russian gas (yet)

MADRID | The Corner | The EU released on Wednesday a target to improve energy efficiency by 30% as part of a package of climate and energy policy for 2030, and a measure that some considered “a gift to Mr Putin.” The truth is Europe says it is on the verge to impose sanctions to Russia for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, although it has been reluctant to use US-stule sanctions in the past due to its high dependence on Russian gas -see this chart by Statista which shows the deep interconnection-. But there seems to be a way for the Old Continent to wear off any gas cuts if things gets really nasty: liquefied natural gas (LNG). For countries like Spain, it would be a golden opportunity.