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M&A Deals Hit $500Bn In August And Nearly $4 Trillion So Far This Year; Tech Sector Leads The Way

BancaMarch | The M&A market accelerated in August and 2021 is on track for a record year. M&A deals worth almost $4 trillion have been completed since the beginning of the year. In August, a typically quiet month, $500 billion worth of deals were closed globally, close to double the same month last year and the $275 billion of 2019. The increase in corporate deals has been fuelled by low…

M&A are increasingly growing in Europe

Mergers And Acquisitions: A Window On The Market

Edmond de Rothschild | As Warren Buffet likes to say, “You never know who’s swimming naked until the tide goes out. The exogenous shocks generated by the crises throw a harsh light on the real state of the market, and the excessive risks taken by investors are evident. The sub-prime mortgage and sovereign debt crises were good examples of this phenomenon. But while the financial shock of 2008 had an immediate impact on mergers and acquisitions and led to a collapse in valuations, what can we say about the effects of the coronavirus crisis?

Spanish banks mergers

Spanish Bank M&A: Reaching The Next Level Of Efficiency Gains

Spanish banks have made drastic efforts since the financial crisis to improve efficiency. They were among the most active in Europe to adjust their branch networks. But while the number of branches has reduced in many countries, the workforce has not always followed the same pace of adjustment. For analysts at Scope Ratings, there is still room for efficiency gains, particularly as digitisation continues. “Transition in Spain can only accelerate, leaving room for consolidation”, they say.

Euro area growth: neither very fast nor particularly slow

European Cross-Border Bank Mergers: Less Compelling After The Pandemic Than Before

EU agreement on a pandemic fund boosted market and regulators’ wishes to move towards cross-border consolidation among European banks- the ECB’s vice-president, Luis de Guindos, has already warned of the need for the sector to continue with the merger process. Scenarios have started to be built again about who should be merging with whom. But unity around the EU pandemic fund is not about banks, say analysts at Scope Ratings.

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European banks: Countdown to the M&A ballet

It is only a question of time and the markets are waiting: there will be more consolidation operations in the European banking sector in the next few years, some of them cross-border.

This M&A surge is a "nonsense", according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“This Current M&A Surge Is The Most Stupid Thing”

Ana Fuentes | Quick and provocative, Nassim Nicholas Taleb (he insists on the presence of his second name to emphasize his Christian origins) is a machine in generating headlines. This was the Lebanese investor, resident in New York, who in 2007 developed the theory of the Black Swan, an unexpected event which changes the chain of events and which can only be rationalised after the event. Since then he has become a financial guru who dresses his ideas in striking concepts: Antifragility, pseudo stability, pseudo experts.

M&A are increasingly growing in Europe

M&A Deals: Fundamentals For A Robust Market Clearly In Position

In 2017, the global aggregate value of M&A deals amounted to $3.66tr, predicted to increase to $4.4tr in 2018. This year, in the US alone, the first six months of the year registered a balance $2.5Tr, up 40% on 2017, with megadeals in excess of $10bn constituting some 38% of the total.