Madrid’s financial City


Euro stress-free area

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | After so many fruitless meetings, conversations and rounds nobody expected that the European leaders would be able to reach a more than reasonable agreement for Europe, that tough Germany would relax its position towards its Southern partners, and Spain and Italy would resist before the steam engine of the euro zone. But it happened. Banks will be recapitalised directly with the European Stability Mechanism…

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Madrid’s financial City: “EU pacts inspire willing optimism, but were not yet there”

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | The Spanish financial analysts received the news that arrived from Brussels with a certain degree of optimism, not without disappointment, but recognising that the pacts that were achieved imply a step forward. Banco Sabadell experts give an outline summary of the conclusions reached at the meeting. “Starting with the fact that expectations were low and that the market’s sentiment was negative, the final balance is…