Mariano Rajoy

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Lights and shades of Rajoy’s two years as Spain’s president

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Two years, a €100 billion banking bailout, and a comprehensive package of structural reforms later, Spain’s president, Mariano Rajoy, celebrated on Wednesday his 2011 electoral victory. These years’ balance is some sort of bittersweet taste. The country’s external perception has improved, but unemployment and public debt numbers are still a heavy burden.

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Spain: numbers show optimism yet political tension grows

MADRID | By Ana Fuentes | Under a strong pressure after the scandal of illegal donations to the Popular Party, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy will try to spend his summer holidays away from the public eye. Even if the economy is doing better and the Bank of Spain sees the end of the recession coming, citizens are austerity-wary and the political tension has not been eased at all.

Rajoy assumes the cost of the crisis

Spain’s president Rajoy makes a move: cutbacks and rise of taxes

how can i get my ex back By Tania Suárez, in Madrid | The president of the Spanish government Mariano Rajoy had a purpose this morning. He wanted to make a decisive move, not just a simple declaration of intentions. He wanted to get out of his hideout to take the reins of Spain. And he has done it. During a speech in a plenary session of the Congress this…


Dwindling confidence in Spain

MADRID | People at command in Madrid seem baffled by the massive onslaught inflicted on the economy. A steeply rising risk premium coupled with the severe battering the stock market is receiving have dampened any hope to steer out of trouble with minor collateral damage. The dream of a soft landing has switched into the nightmare of plausible intervention. Fear to fall in that abyss has materialised in a rather hectic…


London-Madrid …Valencia?

LONDON | Spanish president Mariano Rajoy stepped on to Downing Street but talked instead to the City of London. It will not be the last time that this happens. The shift in the UK’s relationship with most European Union country members should be a troubling sign of the declining power Whitehall and the Houses of Parliament retain amid one of the most crude economic downturns seen in some decades. Then…

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Rajoy’s cabinet

MADRID | The new Spanish president Mariano Rajoy has announced the names of the 13 ministers who will make up his cabinet, the smallest in the history of democracy. The new government will have just one vice-presidency (the former Economy minister was also vice-president) that will be held by Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, a 40-year old politician and the person known for being highly trusted by president Rajoy. Sáenz de…

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Spain has new president

By Julia Pastor, in Madrid | Update Mariano Rajoy, elected by an overall majority on November 20, made his investiture speech on Monday. The investiture debate in the Spanish parliament has been held on Tuesday, and after its closing in the afternoon, Mr Rajoy has been officially sworn in as the new Spain’s president. The announce of austerity measures raised yesterday great expectations, since from the election day and in spite of the…

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RBS’ Mariano Aldama: “Spain’s new government can bring back markets’ trust”

Mariano Aldama of the Royal Bank of Scotland and responsible for capital market origination for financial institutions in Spain and Portugal, has given an interview to the business daily Cinco Días in which he admits that, despite the critical situation of Spain because of excessive financing costs, it is possible to restore market confidence. We offer an excerpt of the interview. How long can the banking system resist without financing itself? The rejection in the markets can not last much longer but first there are pieces of the puzzle that…