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Sánchez goes to Rabat, Mohamed VI calls him from Gabon

Mohamed VI’s approach to Pedro Sánchez tarnishes the High Level Meeting (HLM) between Morocco and Spain, which La Moncloa expected to be “historic”. The Alaouite monarch did not receive the President of the Government yesterday on his arrival in Rabat for a bilateral summit that had not been held in this way for eight years, and limited himself to dealing with diplomatic formalities via a phone call from Gabon. Over…

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Spain-Morocco, A Lot Of Good Business

Beyond the current crisis at the Ceuta border, relations between Spain and Morocco are as long- standing as they are deep. Spain is Morocco’s main trading partner and Spain is both its main supplier (more than 15% of Moroccan purchases are from Spanish companies) and its main buyer. More than 24 per cent of Moroccan exports go to Spain. More than 20,000 Spanish companies have investments there worth some 9…

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EU Supports Spain On Migration

Israel Rafalovich | During a meeting on Friday in Brussels between the European Commission and the Spanish government both sides decided to continue the dialogue and cooperation on migration and especially in regard to the challenges Spain face because of the increased migration pressure along the Western Mediterranean route.