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Leroy Merlin, The Foreign Multinational That Best Reports On Its Contribution In Spain

The Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia has published the annual report about the contribution and transparency of foreign multinationals in Spain, whose ranking is headed for the fourth consecutive year by the French distribution company Leroy Merlin, which is the only that meets all the transparency indicators required in the report. The telecommunications company Vodafone completes the small group of companies classified as transparent in a report that analyses the 35 leading foreign multinationals in Spain, in order to compare them with the IBEX 35 sample.

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Subsidiaries say goodbye to EU’s tax loophole

MADRID | By The Corner | It was a tax loophole worth billions of euros. And finally the EU-28 finance ministers came to a political agreement on Friday to tighten it up. From now on, European tax rules will be tougher on those multinationals trying to avoid taxation. The compromise was possible after Malta dropped its objections to a deal on hybrid loan arrangements. “That is good news for public budgets, good news for honest businesses and good news for those who seek fair taxation in the EU,”  Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta said.