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U.S. Credibility to Europeans (After a Government Shutdown and a Spying Scandal)

MADRID | By Adrianna Rodriguez* | The past year has been rocky for the United States, to say the least: Edward Snowden released the most significant leak in recent history; German leaders now think twice about their after hours phone calls, and the US spent about $24 billion on a national tantrum. It’s simpler to say that the country has finally lost all credibility in European eyes, however, that’s not necessarily the case. How is it that Washington can go through all this nonsense and still appear on top?

Europe should create Web 3.0

Europe should create Web 3.0

PARIS | By Eric Sandin at Le Monde via Presseurop | In response to NSA eavesdropping and the massive collection of user data by Internet giants, it is up to the EU to lay the foundations for the future worldwide web. Because only Europe can guarantee a “responsible, shared” environment in which individuals can manage the data that concerns them.

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Can espionage kill the US-EU Free Trade Agreement?

NEW YORK | By Ana Fuentes | Half a million phone calls, emails and text messages bugged by the American security agency in Germany over a typical month; microphones at the French, Italian and Greek missions and Embassies in Washington… European leaders are outraged. The last Snowden saga revelations might compromise their trade deal with the US.