Polonia: Economic Contraction Lower Than Eurozone Average

Poland ́s economic contraction due to the coronavirus pandemic is expected to be 3.5%, much lower than the Eurozone recession of 8%. The economic performance is less dependent on exports compared to Poland ́s Central European peers like the Czech Republic, Hungary or Slovakia. At the same time private consumption accounts for 58% of GDP, reducing the vulnerability to external shocks (as evidenced by avoiding a recession in the 2009 credit crisis). In 2021 the economy is forecast to rebound by 5.6%.

Europe to sanction to Polish government

Europe Applies Its Own “Article 155” For Poland

Almost at the same time as the Catalan separatists tried to get the European Union on the side of its cause, the European authorities have had to deal with insurgency in Poland. The latter’s judicial reform put at the risk the division of powers and the judicial independence of a country in the region. While Spain had to implement article 155 of its Constitution in order to contain the crisis of authority which the secessionist attempt implied, the EU has had to press its own “nuclear button”, article 7 of the Treaty, to restrain Polish government.

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Poland never really understood why it didn’t crash in 2008

SAO PAULO | February 24, 2015 | By Marcus Nunes via Historinhas | It took three years, but in late 2011 Poland finally botched up and went the way of the majority of countries, letting NGDP fall way below trend. They didn’t (correctly) react to the 2007-08 oil price rise, like the US, UK, EZ, etc. and fared well, but didn’t resist when oil prices picked up again in 2010-11, when, among the initial group, only the ECB was dumb enough to react.

Posted workers OK

Posted workers: stricter rules will hurt Europe

WARSAW | By L. Guza at Dziennick Gazeta Prawna via Presseurop | EU labour ministers are meeting today to agree on amendments to the 1996 Posted Workers Directive, but the changes demanded by some member states to fight social dumping from countries including Poland will hamstring the free flow of workers and benefit middlemen.

Warsaw Poland

Poland, a new promised land

WARSAW | The tables have now turned for job seekers in Europe. As austerity and unemployment drives young people from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece in search of work, Poland is rapidly becoming an attractive destination for international job hunters.

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Poland’s defiance in brief

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | Poland is one of those countries whose contrast surely must give food for thought to the believers in the inflexible laws of the European common currency. Outside the sacred euro area, its economy grows, its real GDP!, while its unemployment rate evolution is flat at slightly under 2007 levels. But the euro authorities keep stuck in t eukanuba dog food reviews heir proud, honourable…

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Ferrovial reaches to Eastern Europe

Ferrovial has now completed the purchase of Poland’s Przedsiebiorstwo Napraw Infrastruktury (PNI), specialised in civil engineering and railway design, construction and maintenance. The Spanish firm said the cost was close to €51 million euro or 225 million zlotys. Ferrovial, which is the owner of BAA in the UK, carried out this operation through Ferrovial Agroman’s Polish subsidiary Budimex. Alejandro de la Joya, CEO of Ferrovial Agroman explained why the company is interested…