Posted workers: stricter rules will hurt Europe

Posted workers OK

Poland is up against the wall on the issue of the Enforcement Directive on posted workers. A strong coalition led by France and Belgium and backed by Germany is pressing for changes, which will see Polish workers posted to work abroad hardest hit. Poland is a European leader in the posting of workers overseas, sending some 250,000 of them abroad every year.

The drastic tightening of regulations on worker posting has one goal: to reduce the inflow of workers from Poland and the other eastern European member states to the wealthy countries of western Europe.

The proposed Enforcement Directive comes as yet another in a series of measures aimed at shutting Europe’s doors against the paupers from the East, such as the crackdown on “benefit tourism” in the UK and Germany or French deportations of the Roma. Another example is the criticism of Polish workers in the Netherlands, where they are accused not only of taking jobs away from Dutch people but also of being unable to behave properly in public places.

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