pound sterling


Pound Plummets

Franco Macchiavelli (Activotrade) | During Monday’s Asian session, sterling experienced a flash crash with percentage falls not seen since Brexit. In just 20 minutes, sterling plunged to near parity with the dollar at the 1.03 level (Asian session lows), levels not seen since 1985. In addition to the sharp fall in the currency, bonds also experienced intense moves, with jumps of 50 basis points (the largest daily jump in UK…


Pound sterling is a key barometer of Brexit uncertainty

Ann-Katrin Petersen, investment strategist at Allianz Global Investor | The more uncertain the UK political environment, the weaker the GBP, and vice versa. A structural appreciation of GBP, which we deem to be undervalued, necessitates more clarity and a benign decision in the Brexit discussion.