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Pound Plummets

Franco Macchiavelli (Activotrade) | During Monday’s Asian session, sterling experienced a flash crash with percentage falls not seen since Brexit. In just 20 minutes, sterling plunged to near parity with the dollar at the 1.03 level (Asian session lows), levels not seen since 1985. In addition to the sharp fall in the currency, bonds also experienced intense moves, with jumps of 50 basis points (the largest daily jump in UK…

Brexit britain in 2018

Why Brexit is more dangerous for the continent – and Spain- than for the UK

The British economy has absorbed Brexit well and one of the reasons for this soft landing is the pound’s devaluation. But the pound’s weakness is already a problem for the Eurozone, particularly for Spain, and if this is prolonged it will be an even bigger one. Furthermore if Europe is stagnating, how Spain can be doing as well as the government says? Are we living on an island?