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Faced with administrative collapse, the government imposes an 18-month moratorium on the administrative procedures of 170,000. Renewable MWh

The government has taken advantage of the decree approved yesterday with anti-crisis measures to introduce new regulations, such as the one on business shields and others with respect to energy. One very relevant one is that, to avoid “speculation”, says the decree, a moratorium of 18 months has been imposed on all those projects that are processing renewable permits but without the most basic one: access to the electricity backbone,…


The government auctions more renewable energy today: 1,500 MW of wind and 1,800 MW of photovoltaic power

This is the fourth auction of renewable power for electricity generation since the first one in January 2021. The firms that are finally awarded the wind and photovoltaic packages will be granted a fixed price at which they will charge for the energy over the next few years. Due to high electricity prices, the tender may be less in demand than on previous occasions. Participating firms will have to assess…


Electricity Companies Call On The Government To Fix The Chaos It Has Generated In The Awarding Of Renewable Energy Licences

The monumental bureaucratic bottleneck that currently exists in Spain in the processing of permits for the installation of renewable energy plants threatens to destroy hundreds of projects if the government does not intervene in the coming weeks. According to various reports handled by the major electricity companies and reported by the newspaper Expansión, the paralysis is already affecting between 2,500 and 3,000 projects, totalling between 80,000 and 100,000 megawatts (MW)…

Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa calls on European governments to declare renewables strategic industry

Link Securities | Siemens Gamesa has asked the European governments to declare the renewables industry as one with strategic importance. This is to enable the development of the necessary technology and capacities which the European Green Deal requires. And, in this way, maintain leadership for Europe, under threat from the current crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, according to the daily NegociosTV. Siemens Gamesa has prepared a “white…


Latin America Has The Cleanest Electricity Mix In The World

Crédito y Caución (Atradius) | Latin America is a frontrunner in the energy transition. It has the cleanest electricity mix in the world. But it is mainly focusing on hydropower, which is susceptible to altering rain cycles. The region has huge potential in other sources of green energy, such as sun, wind and geothermal generation. To remain a leader in clean electricity and achieve net zero emissions in 2050 it…

Solar power in Spain to get investments of €70 bn

Elon Musk Advises Spain And Portugal To Make A Massive Deployment In Solar Energy

Bankinter | Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, Twitter’s largest shareholder and the world’s richest man posted a tweet yesterday in which he encouraged Spain and Portugal to carry out a “massive deployment” in solar energy. According to Musk, Spain and Portugal could supply energy to all of Europe.Opinion: Elon Musk’s comments had a positive impact on the stock market, leading to strong rises in the main shares of renewable…

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Bottlenecks in Spain’s renewables: there are requests for up to 150.000 MW vs target of additional 60.000 MW for 2030

Renta 4 | The bottlenecks continue in Spain: Red Eléctrica de España (REE) has 339.800 MW of renewables registered in December 2021 compared with 339.700 MW in November. The normal is an additional +2k on a monthly basis. There are too many requests to build wind and photovoltaic farms in Spain. So the government is encouraging the withdrawal of the more problematical ones, those with fewer possibilities of getting through…

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Spain Opposes, Together With Germany And Austria, The EU Proposal To Gas And Nuclear Energy As Renewable

Renta 4 | The European Union surprised with a new plan that would label some natural gas and nuclear energy projects as “green” investments after a year of debate among the different governments about which investments are really climate-friendly. Specifically, the Brussels text, still in draft form, includes nuclear power plants already in operation and those to be built at least until 2045, as well as gas-fired power plants, which will enjoy the same recognition until 2030.


Spain To Auction 3,300MW Renewables On October 14

Spain’s next renewables auction will take place on October 14 and will attract around €2.22 billion. 3,330MW will be auctioned after the 3,000MW auctioned last January and the 8,000MW in May and July 2017. Unlike in previous auctions, on this occasion 1,500MW will be reserved for onshore wind power. In addition, 600MW will be reserved for both photovoltaic and wind energy plants projects in an advanced stage of development and…

Acciona Energia

Acciona Energía Signs Its First International Joint-Venture As A Listed Company

Acciona’s renewables division has been listed on the stock exchange for less than a month (its debut on the trading market was on July 1) and has already announced its first international deal. Acciona Energía and SSE Renewables have agreed to explore offshore wind opportunities in Poland as the country seeks to progress the deployment of around 6GW of offshore wind energy by the end of the decade. For that purpose, both companies, who are already cooperating on the exploration of offshore wind opportunities in Spain and Portugal, have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to formalize a 50/50 joint venture for the Polish market.