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Spain: Renewables break record in February, with 61% of electricity mix, and set price per MWh 41% below large European economies

Grupo ASE: Renewables beat the record, with 61.7% of the mix and lowering the price of electricity to 40 €/MWh. Wind has covered 32.2% of the mix, hydro 15.4% and photovoltaic 11.6%, while gas and coal only account for 8.1%. Spanish electricity futures are 15-25% lower than those of the German market, the European benchmark. The daily wholesale market price (POOL) for February was 40.00 €/MWh. This is 46% lower…

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Iberdrola, Endesa and Repsol seek partners for renewable energy projects

Repsol is looking for a partner for a portfolio valued at €800 million in an operation that has been christened as Project Ebro; Endesa is looking for an ally to help it develop projects valued at €2,000 million (Project Ra); and Iberdrola is looking for a travelling companion to install renewables for €7,000 million (Project Maverick) in the USA. The three major Spanish energy companies account for almost half of…

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Photovoltaics cover 50% of April electricity demand, which fell by 13.5%

The daily price of the Spanish wholesale market (POOL) this month, up to 19 April, stood at €64.05/MWh. This is 28.35% lower than in March and 66.6% lower than a year ago. The 34.6% increase in photovoltaic production, together with the low demand for energy due to Easter and the containment in the price of gas, have led to the collapse of prices in the central hours of the day….

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Spanish Government agrees with European Commission to extend Iberian derogation until end of year

Banc Sabadell | The Council of Ministers gave the go-ahead to the extension of the Iberian exception (gas cap) until the end of the year, which would already have the approval of the EC. The formula has been modified, the main new feature of which is that the price increase curve will be “longer” and “smoother” than last year. If the curve of the gas cap was increasing, until now,…

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Iberdrola and Haizea Wind Group sign €200m+ contract to supply East Anglia Three wind farm

Alphavalue/Divacons | The chairman of the Spanish utility, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, said that it is necessary to “run” and “accelerate” the commitment to a system based on clean energy so that Europe does not continue “with the anguish” of energy supply that it is experiencing and makes progress towards the self-sufficiency that “renewable energies provide”. On the other hand, Iberdrola (IBE) and Haizea Wind Group signed a contract worth more…

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Iberdrola: sale of renewables in Spain could be closed in January, Norges most likely buyer.

Sabadell: According to press reports, the sale of 49% of a portfolio of 1,200MW of renewable assets could be closed in January. Norges would be the most likely buyer, although Pontegadea could also be in the final stages of the bidding process. The intention to sell this stake was announced in September and IBE’s goal is to find a strategic partner to help it boost its renewables in Spain. The…

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Faced with administrative collapse, the government imposes an 18-month moratorium on the administrative procedures of 170,000. Renewable MWh

The government has taken advantage of the decree approved yesterday with anti-crisis measures to introduce new regulations, such as the one on business shields and others with respect to energy. One very relevant one is that, to avoid “speculation”, says the decree, a moratorium of 18 months has been imposed on all those projects that are processing renewable permits but without the most basic one: access to the electricity backbone,…

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Spain’s renewables capacity rose almost 30% in November with respect to 2021(4,7 vs 3 GW)

Norbolsa | Redeia (RED) has published its data for November 2022 regarding monthly installed capacity in Spain. The figure for renewables capacity in the year was significant, 4,7 GW (almost 30% higher than the total installed capacity in 2021) vs 3 GW for the same dates in 2021 (1.6x). Opinion: November was a somewhat disappointing month, adding just 208 new MW of renewable capacity (167 MW of solar and 41 MW…


The government auctions more renewable energy today: 1,500 MW of wind and 1,800 MW of photovoltaic power

This is the fourth auction of renewable power for electricity generation since the first one in January 2021. The firms that are finally awarded the wind and photovoltaic packages will be granted a fixed price at which they will charge for the energy over the next few years. Due to high electricity prices, the tender may be less in demand than on previous occasions. Participating firms will have to assess…


Electricity Companies Call On The Government To Fix The Chaos It Has Generated In The Awarding Of Renewable Energy Licences

The monumental bureaucratic bottleneck that currently exists in Spain in the processing of permits for the installation of renewable energy plants threatens to destroy hundreds of projects if the government does not intervene in the coming weeks. According to various reports handled by the major electricity companies and reported by the newspaper Expansión, the paralysis is already affecting between 2,500 and 3,000 projects, totalling between 80,000 and 100,000 megawatts (MW)…