Repsol cut dividend

Oil and airline industries' link

Betting on oil and airline stocks at the same time? Repsol, IAG good choices

Sonia Ruiz de Garibay (GVCGaesco) | Although a simultaneous investment recommendation for oil and airline stocks might seem a contradiction in terms, the fact they are both heavily influenced by oil prices gives them a very important element in common. Oil is an earning driver for the oil industry, while for the airlines sector it is an important costs’  element, accounting for over 20% of the total. Repsol and IAG are currently good bets.


Time For Repsol ‘s Plan B

BARCLAYS | Having largely pre-released numbers with its trading statement the focus from Repsol’s 4Q results is on whether or not the group will be able to retain its Investment Grade credit rating, given the prevailing environment.