S&P lowers Endesa outlook to negative from stable

Banco Sabadell | S&P has lowered its outlook for Endesa from stable to negative, in line with the action it took in the case of ENEL (holds 70% of the Spanish utility). However it has maintained the rating at BBB+. Valuation: The news has a negative slant, although the impact is limited. The planned investments, along with the increase in debt, are behind this revision.


S&P hikes Repsol rating to BBB+ from BBB after company strengthens balance sheet amid high raw material prices

Renta 4 | S&P has raised its rating on Repsol from BBB to BBB+, while maintaining its A-2 in the short-term, with a stable outlook. The ratings agency has based its move on a backdrop of high raw material prices, divestments and Repsol’s prudent financial policies to strengthen its balance sheet and improve credit measures. S&P flags that the market situation will favourably affect the company throughout the cycle. This…

Santander, the first European bank that will not redeem its issue of CoCos

S&P raises Santander rating above Spain sovereign

After recently raising Spain’s sovereign ratings to ‘BBB+’ from ‘BBB’, S&P has also improved its stance on some of the country’s top banks. S&P’s upgrades comes in the same week as the Madrid local authorities said they could not renew the contracts with that agency.

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Market chatter: S&P, you’re late (Spain already gets AA+ treatment)

MADRID | By Jaime Santisteban | S&P has upgraded Spain’s credit rating for the first time since stripping the country of its AAA grade in 2009, increasing its assessment to BBB from BBB- and saying the outlook is stable. But ten-year Spanish bond yields stay at 3.004% following last week’s auction, while the U.S. benchmark 10-year note yield, was up 1.5 basis points at 2.550%, according to Tradeweb. A BBB player is getting more or less the same treatment in the market as a AA+.

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S&P affirms Spanish rating is safe for now

NEW YORK | Their outlook remains negative, but there is some brightness in the horizon, the agency reckons. Standard and Poors will not cut Spain’s rating because it believes the country has done its homework, showing a strong commitment to economic and fiscal adjustment. It will continue to receive support from its European partners and the ECB and therefore its debt will remain below 80 percent of GDP beyond 2015….


S&P, Pain, Spain, Spanic

The housing bubble, like the turbid monster of an old movie, blows in time and again. Didn’t Spain’s president Mariano Rajoy see it coming? Standard & Poor’s Rating Services might have opened his eyes when it lowered its long-term sovereign credit rating. The Kingdom of Spain woke up on Friday under the ‘BBB+’ tag from the previous ‘A’. The risk agency did not just cut down the short-term sovereign credit rating to…