If Spain will lead the Eurozone in 2015 and 2016, what happened to the Spailout?

MADRID | The Corner | In spite of, or maybe, thanks to the so-called Spailout (2012), Spain is today one of Europe’s driving forces. The International Monetary Fund’s estimates on global economy point to the country as the outperformer of the Eurozone for the first time in six years. Its GDP would grow by 2% this year and 1.8% in 2016.

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Standard & Poor’s dumps Spanish debt

Market reaction to Spanish sovereign downgrade by the ratings agency may not have shown visible concerns on Thursday, but the credibility of Madrid’s and Berlin’s recovery plans is ebbing away.

The best bailout for Spain

The Spanish tether already seems overstretched. On Monday, the national institute for statistics published fresh data confirming a forecast released days before by the country’s…

Is there a way out for Spain?

MADRID | The extensive sell-out on Friday shows the desperate situation Spain is facing. Shattered confidence on the government ability to overcome a looming crash…

De-dramatising Spanish banking resolution

MADRID | Words containing the Latin suffix “tio” tend to raise passionate sentiments. Just think of “revolution” or even “Constitution”, a rather harmless expression nowadays that…