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What to expect from US-China Trade War? Some ideas from a European perspective

Alicia García Herrero | 2018 will be recalled as the year in which the US wake up to China’s economic power through a trade war. The question to ask ourselves now is how this may affect Europe. The first issue to realize is that European and US exports into China are very similar, which points to a potential substitution of American products in the Chinese market but also the other way around, namely substituting Chinese exports into the US by European ones.

Could Europe benefit from the US-China trade war?

Could Europe Benefit From The US-China Trade War?

Guntram Wolff via Caixin | The EU remains a long-standing ally of the U.S. — despite its trade surplus. The successful negotiations of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has also helped to ease the EU-U.S. tensions, though the truce remains fragile.

trade growth impact

Trade wars: An old hope

David Page (AXA IM) |  We believe the US has been using tariffs primarily as a negotiation tool; China appears a special focus. But domestic political motives also appear to be a driver.

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Countries Rotate At Trump’s Rhythm

The performance rating of countries for the last month demonstrates the concerns of investors about the price to be paid for a de-globalization of the world by those countries whose companies focus on exports. Alphavalue offers a ranking of these countries according to its coverage

Trump unchained: Danger ahead for Europe

The EU To Impose Retaliatory Tariffs On The US

As all signs point to a trade war with the United States, should the US impose tariffs on EU steel and aluminum, the European Union has decided to immediately activate balancing measures as an alternative to US tariffs which are intended to take effect on Friday June 1st.

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Phyrric US Tariffs: Protect a few at the cost of many

BoAML | President Trump enacted tariffs on imported steel and aluminum with the exception of imports from Canada and Mexico. Domestic metal producers should benefit while the rest of the economy could feel the negative repercussion of higher input prices. The bigger risk is a trade war. The current policy is unlikely to have a big impact. However, a bigger trade war would be a nudge toward stagflation, depressing real growth and boosting prices.

Risks in Europe, but no reason to panic"

“Germany Will Become A Country Of Immigrants, The Sooner The Better”

Lidia Conde | “There are risks, but there is no reason to panic. It’s important that people understand that we can’t do without globalisation. And also that Europe has so many strong points that it can position itself perfectly well in the world. Overall, Europe is still a producer of excellent ideas and high-quality products which can be exported all over the world,” says Karl-Heinz Paqué, Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Management in Otto von Guericke University.