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US Infrastructure Law: High-Speed Internet Is As Essential As Water And Electricity

Hernán Galperin (The Conversation) | The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act signed into law by President Joe Biden on Nov. 15, 2021, was hailed by the White House and advocates as a historic investment to improve internet access in America. I believe the infrastructure plan should be celebrated as a historic moment for broadband, but not so much because of the money it brings to the table. Rather, it is because of the way the law treats internet access in America.

The year of US infrastructures

Infrastructure: The Key To The China Challenge

Peter Rodgers | While providing a credible US-led alternative to the Belt and Road Initiative is desirable, the US must commit adequate financial and leadership resources to the effort. This is a good first step, but Washington must be careful not to create a new paranoia by demonizing economic and geopolitical rivals such as China and Japan to the point where it distorts priorities and leads to increased military spending rather than public investments in education, infrastructure and basic research, all of which are critical to America’s future prosperity and security.

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America’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Explained

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | The United States Senate is expected to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure bill this week with funding for everything from broadband Internet to road safety. The bill, which is believed to have the support of enough Republicans to overcome a forty-senator filibuster, falls short of the $2 trillion President Joe Biden had proposed to spend on (green) infrastructure over four years. The compromise bill has…

The year of US infrastructures

When Old Infrastructure Ages

John Plassard (Mirabaud) | America’s infrastructure has long been infamous for its poor state. But it has final dawned on the country that something needs to be done. US President Joe Biden announced in mid-June that a bipartisan group of senators had reached consensus on a bill that would allocate $579 billion to spending on infrastructure. review of data by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the US Army Corps of Engineers shows how America’s infrastructure has aged. In its latest report on U.S. infrastructure, the ASCE put the average age of levees and dams to be 50 and 57 years old, respectively, meaning they are at or beyond their expected service age.

The year of US infrastructures

The US: 2018 May Be The Year Of Infrastructures

2018 may be the year of the infrastructures. Perhaps it won’t be the best or the most efficient plan which emerges. But what’s clear is that something has to be approved which allows Donald Trump to cut the ribbons on motorways, bridges and other more or less large structures.

US infrastructures

How Could A New Wave Of Infrastructure Spending Impact The Construction Sector?

UBS | As attention turns towards fiscal stimulus as a means to drive global growth, infrastructure investment is considered a politically feasible way to justify government spending. Despite increased focus, however, deploying additional meaningful funds for infrastructure spending is never easy. The US infrastructure, for instance, has received intermittent attention over the last several years.