Grifols Defends Itself: US Demand Will Remain Solid

Last week Grifols received a negative recommendation from the global broker UBS, referring to the potential negative impact the commercialisation of a new alternative treatment for autoimmune diseases could have on its sales of intravenous immunoglobin.

Ryanair issues profit warnings

Ryanair Profit Warning: A Negative Reading For IAG?

Ryanair has issued a profit warning which, in reality, amounts to a warning for the entire European industry as it shows that the sector is beginning to be affected in both earnings and costs (margins) by three negative factors: increasing oil prices (aviation fuel), slowing of demand because of the slowing of the global economic cycle and the increased likelihood of strikes (greater in Ryanair´s case, but not only in their case).

The metamorphosis of Spanish banks: from a cosy club to tough competition

The Two Spanish Big Banks Have Announced Changes In Their Top Management

A few hours after the announcement that Santander (market capitalisation of 71.3 billiones euros) will have a new CEO in 2019, Andrea Orcel, BBVA the second Spanish bank by stock market capitalization (36.7 billion euros) reported that its chairman Francisco González will also leave his post at the beginning of next year. From January 1, the current CEO Carlos Torres Vila will be the new chairman of the Group.

Endesa is interested in Portugal's electricity distribution network

Endesa Prepares A Plan To Secure An Electricity Network In Portugal

The electricity distribution network in Portugal is going to be re-auctioned within an ambitous programme of liberalisation launched by the Government. The Portuguese electricity market, with more than 6 million connections, is a quarter that of Spain. Endesa looks to take advantage as it has 18% of the energy supply market in the country.

Enagas and Reganosa will create a consortium to operate in the Persian Gulf

Enagas Allies With Reganosa To Go To Kuwait Together

Enagas and Reganosa, who were unable to integrate in Spain, have signed an agreement to present themelves jointly ain the tendering process for the operation and maintenance services for one of the largest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in the Al-Zour refinery in Kuwait.

The mutualist roots of Mapfre has not let it keep up with the rest of the sector

The Mutualist Roots Of Mapfre Has Not Let It Keep Up With The Rest Of The Sector

The Spanish leader in insurance has registered a modest performance of +14% in the last two years, the weakest among the insurers analysed at Alphavalue. Since August 2017, when the hurricane season began in the US, Mapfre has not been able to keep up with the rest of the sector. In Alphavalue´s estimates, the company should benefit from a first series of three consecutive years of growth in net profits in the period 2018-20.