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Suspension Of Mexico’s Energy Reform Will Hardly Affect Spanish Utilities

Banco Sabadell | A federal court in Mexico has temporarily suspended the government’s legislative reform for the electricity sector. The reform would prioritise energy production by state-owned company CFE when it comes to feeding energy into the grid. In turn this would harm private renewable generation firms which, by producing more cheaply, would enter the market earlier. The impact of for the Spanish firms with presence in the Mexican market, Iberdrola, Acciona and Naturgy is limited.

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Telefonica, Orange And Vodafone To Develop Joint Networks In Rural Areas With EU Reconstruction Funds

The telecom operators Movistar, Orange and Vodafone have agreed to form an alliance to bid together for the deployment of 4G and 5G mobile networks in rural areas that will be financed with European reconstruction funds. Specifically, Movistar, Vodafone and Orange would build between 3,000 and 4,500 new radio sites, adding an extra 15% and 23% to the existing ones. 

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The Two Sides Of Inditex’s 2020 Results: Profit Falls By 70%, Online Sales Grow By 77%

Inditex’s results in the year of the pandemic have shown an annual drop in profit and revenues of 70% and 28%, respectively, although the counterpart for the company has been the rapid conversion of its business model to the online environment, with internet sales growing by 77%. On the other hand, Inditex’s Board of Directors will propose a €0.70 per-share dividend at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for July. It will consist of an ordinary dividend of €0.22 and an extraordinary dividend of €0.48 per share.

ACS Cimic

ACS Led State Contracts In 2020

Procurement of civil works by the Ministries of Transport and Ecological Transition fell last year by 57%, bringing it back to 2015 levels. The company which benefitted most was ACS, which topped the rankings of both ministries, with a total portfolio of €279Mn. The low activity led a non-civil construction company such as Siemens to take second place (€133Mn), thanks to a railway signaling contract.

Iberdrola will sign a global agreement with Nissan to promote electric cars

Iberdrola And Seat Team Up With The Government To Build The First Electric Battery Plant In Spain

Iberdrola has agreed a public-private partnership with Seat and the Spanish government to build a battery factory for the electric car in Catalonia, specifically in the city of Martorell, where the automaker has its factory. However, this alliance could be open to other partners. The sources quoted in some media suggest that the investment would be around €6.8 Bn and that the project is likely to receive part of the resources from the European recovery fund.

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Telefónica Joins CDPQ To Create Fibrasil, A Neutral Fibre Wholesale Network Provider In Brazil

Upon completion of the transaction, Telefónica and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec will each hold 50% in FiBrasil under a co-control governance model. Telefónica Group’s 50% participation will be held through Telefônica Brazil (“Vivo”) and Telefónica Infra, the infrastructure arm of Telefónica Group, each holding a stake of 25%. Operating as a neutral wholesale company, FiBrasil is set to deploy and operate fibre-optic networks in selected mid-sized cities across Brazil outside the state of Sao Paulo.

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Parity Target Accomplished In The Ibex35 With 31.2% Of Women On Boards Of Directors

The IBEX-35 companies have registered a historic milestone by finally reaching the 30% target set by the CNMV recommendation for 2020, according to the latest edition of the report ‘Women on the Boards of listed companies’, prepared annually by ATREVIA and IESE. The presence of women in the index grew 3.9 percentage points, to occupy 31.2% of the seats. This progress, however, has not been able to compensate for the sluggish growth of the rest of the continuous market, which only advanced 2 points (22.9%) last year.

Telefonica ever closer to selling its Central American subsidiary

Telefónica Cuts Its Dividend, But It Defends That This Strengthens Its Position

Telefónica’s board of directors has cut the dividend payable in 2021, which will now be made in two payments of 0.15 eur/share in June and December (previously 0.20 eur/share), while the “scrip” option is maintained. The first payment of 0.15 eur/share will be in December 2021. Telefónica’s Executive Chairman, José María Álvarez-Pallete, has defended the reduction of the company’s dividend, which he considers to be an appropriate price as it maintains a very high dividend yield compared to the Ibex and the sector as a whole.

Repsol's plan of acquisitions

Repsol Signs An Agreement With A Chinese Producer To Build Three Chemical Plants In Jiangsu

Repsol has licensed its technology for propylene oxide (PO) and styrene monomer (SM) and polyols so that a 200,000 tons/year PO and 450,000 tons/year SM plant can be built, and two plants with an aggregate production capacity of 125,000 tons/year of flexible polyether polyols (PPG) and polymeric polyols (POP). This agreement is in addition to the three previous technology licensing agreements reached by Repsol with Chinese companies since 2013.