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Low oil prices, for the moment

Oil prices fell below 110 dollars per barrel and are lower than last year’s levels. Watch Saudi Arabia and Iran, though, note CaixaBank analysts.

Euro volatility falls to new lows

MADRID | The European economy desperately seeks ways to boost its recovery. Could it be so simple as to get a weaker euro, after all? wonders economist JP Marín Arrese.

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Banking woes will not decouple from sovereigns

MADRID | As France pushed for in the last euro summit, the EU-wide banking supervisor would be set up by 2013. But its work will not begin until after Germany’s elections in the second half of the next year, and direct bank recapitalisation is out of the table, again. Ms Merkel was the real winner.

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US stocks: too high for their own good

Analysts at Barclays pointed at the already noticeable slow down in company investment to alert about future job creation data. The US could be in for a nasty surprise: something to do with the “fiscal cliff”.