A price-to-earnings-ratio of 12.2x to start 2019

Europe’s irrelevance in the Iran issue is boosting European stocks

Alphavalue | Trump’s capacity for confusing the markets is now a distinctive trait. Tearing up the nuclear agreement with Iran does not seem to be fuelling a new wave of fear about a war breaking out or an energy shock. The markets learned an early lesson with North Korean, when the conversations about nuclear glaciation suddenly led to the handshake on the other side of the border.

EuroStoxx50 Analysis: Danone

Danone is a French food and agriculture company, headquartered in Paris. It has four business divisions: (i) Fresh dairy products (49% ventas), (ii) Waters (23%), (iii) Early Life Nutrition(21%) and (iv) Medical Nutrition (7%).



Bankinter: Spain’s Ibex to reach 12,878 points (+12%) in 2015

The Corner | March 30, 2015 | While much of the attention is focused on bonds, it should also be noted that stocks and real estate market are also worth more. How much? Bankinter analysts forecast that Spain’s Ibex will reach 12,878 points (potential + 12%) in 2015; EuroStoxx50, 4,338 (+ 18%); S&P 500, 2,333 (+ 10%). The Japanese Nikkei remains the least attractive option at 20.305 (+ 4%).