GDP plus should be GDP less

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | For less bounce! The Philly Fed has called the measure of GDP obtained from “crushing” the usual measure of GDP (expenditure based) and the income-based measure GDI GDP plus

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Spain Prudently Pulls Out of Recession

MADRID | By Tania Suárez | Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced a discreet upward revision of the GDP for the Spanish General State Budget. Thus, the government raised their growth forecasts from 0.5% to 0.7%.

A “queer policy” indeed

SAO PAULO | By Marcus Nunes | That´s because it can´t be simply called “policy”. Over time the Fed´s economic growth projection has been falling, and after it drops a few notches the Fed introduces something “new” (or “surprising”).

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Italian exports too little for ailing economy

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Unlike Spain, where the external sector is supporting the economy, Italian exports fell by 1.9% in 1Q13, its worst register from 1Q09. The country’s GDP dropped by 0.6%, and April’s industrial production by 0.3%.

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The Italian elephant in the euro room

MADRID | Unmistakably, the reflection that the Italian economic indicators are mirroring should look very familiar to Spanish analysts. The slowdown wave is reaching core…

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Italy’s GDP worse than forecast

Yields on Italian 10-year bonds will keep under tension after the latest economic data brought investors a negative surprise. The country’s GDP suffered a further…