Telefonica's Colombia affiliate

Telefonica Bails Out Colombian Affiliate

Telefonica has informed the Stock Market Regulator (CNMV) that it has reached an agreement with the Colombian government to hike capital for a total of €1.840 billion at its affiliate operating in the country, which is one of the main ones in the group. The reason for the capital increase is the debt the parent company has with the company which manages the pension funds.

Spain home market

Can The Solid Recovery Of Spanish Property Market Be Sustainable?

J.L.M. Campuzano (Spanish Banking Association) | The current strong recovery of Spanish housing market has re-opened the debate about its sustainability. Some figures could support it is. According to last Bank of Spain’s data, the net wealth of the Spanish families is rising at 6.9% on a y-o-y basis. It currently exceeds 119.4 % of GDP. As regards to housing wealth, it now means 420% of GDP. Also a better financial position of families with a debt level at 63.4 % of GDP very near the European average.

emerging economies

Dealing With Crises: How Have Emerging Economies Evolved?

Pablo Béjar | Having transitioned into a more complex global economy, today emerging and developing countries are less economically vulnerable than in the 1980s and 1990s. But how secure are these economies? How much less vulnerable quantitatively and more resilient are countries to macroeconomic crises that battered them over the last 35 years? More specifically, how has the probability of a currency and GDP crisis evolved during these last years?

Oil companies

Oil: Shale Versus Sheikh

OPEC’s supply deal extension seems to have become a formality only after Saudi Arabia and Russia pledged their support. The persistent supply glut and reviving shale boom question the deal’s effectiveness. Julius Baer’s analysts see oil prices trading sideways.

Emmanuel Macron

Macron’s victory may increase appetite for European equities

The Corner | Everything went by the book, as investor’s preferred candidate Emmanuel Macron comfortably won the French elections against far-rightist Marine Le Pen by more than 30 percentage points. The euro came last night at times to surpass the level of $ 1.10 per unity against the dollar (although it lost this level in the Asian markets this morning). European stocks are expected to gain.

Iceland's banks supervision

IMF (Still) Worried: Political Pressure On Bank Supervisors In Iceland

It beggars belief: over eight years from a calamitous financial crash in Iceland, much to do with failed financial supervision, there is still reason to worry about financial supervision in Iceland. Or rather, there is again reason to worry now that the sheltering capital controls are for all intents and purposes abolished Iceland. All of this, according to the latest IMF conclusion.