Marta Ortega sketches line of continuity in management based on improved shopping experience and operating model efficiency

Link Securities | In an interview with the Financial Times, reported by Expansión, Inditex (ITX) Chairman and CEO Marta Ortega outlined a continuity in management based on improving the shopping experience and the efficiency of the group’s operating model, while maintaining the focus on sustainability. Ortega said that the product is the lifeblood of the group and where she can offer the most value, while she is on top of the financial issues as she has a very experienced team focused on them. She pointed out that Inditex’s commercial success comes from the focus on the small details by each person who works in the company.

Ortega also shunned the “fast fashion” label, as it refers to a lot of unsold product and poor quality clothing at low prices, an approach that is far removed from what they do. Inditex’s focus is on the customer and reacting to their tastes, which allows Inditex to reduce its residual stocks, those that remain unsold, to less than 2%.

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