Ibex 35, 13 June: possible entry of MasMovil

Renta 4 | On 13 June the Ibex´s Technical Advisory Committee will hold a routine meeting. If we look at the volumes traded over the last 6 months, MasMovil is a clear candidate to enter.

The telephone company has accumulated a trading volumen over this period between 20 and 25% higher then other shared like Técnicas Reunidas, Indra or Viscofan, which occupy the lowest part of the table and are there susceptible to losing their place to the telecommunications operator.

We do not expect further changes, although DIA has accumulated a trading volumen greater tan other Ibex members, it does not meet the he minimum weighting criterion (0.3% of the average stock market capitalisation of the Ibex in the last 6 months) and the elevated volume of trading is associated with the currrent situation of the company.