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Mapfre and MásMóvil sign agreement to offer more than 15 M potential customers wide range of insurance products

Link Securities| The MásMóvil group and Mapfre (MAP) have signed an agreement to offer the telecommunications company’s customers a wide range of innovative insurance products, according to Expansión newspaper on Thursday. Thanks to this agreement, Mapfre will attract more than 15 million potential customers in Spain to whom it will offer its home, civil liability and commercial insurance products, which will soon be available to private customers, the self-employed and…


Orange España And MásMóvil To Merge… If Brussels Does Not Raise Any Objections

Orange España, the French group’s Spanish subsidiary, and the MásMóvil group have confirmed exclusive talks with a view to a 50/50 merger of their respective businesses through a €19.6 billion joint venture. This would value Orange at €8.1 billion and Másmóvil at €11.5 billion. The resulting new group would become the leader in the Spanish mobile market, with 27 million mobile customers, and would have combined revenues and EBITDA of…


Green Light For Foreign Investment In Spanish Operator MasMovil

The government has approved the takeover bid by the Cinven, KKR and Providence funds for MasMovil, meaning another requirement for the success of the operation has been met. On 1 June, a consortium formed by these three funds launched a bid for 100% of the Spanish operator’s capital at 22.5 euros/share.


While Waiting For A Counter-Bid, MasMovil Accelerates Growth Via Corporate Operations

The telecommunications operator, which is in the midst of a takeover bid, is relaunching its commitment to growth with four corporate transactions. These are: the acquisition of Lycamobile, a mobile virtual operator focused on the immigrant market and its subsidiary in Portugal; the purchase of Ahimás, which specialises in rural areas; and the launch of its Basque subsidiary Guuk. The Lycamobile deal, worth €372 M, is the most important one. It was agreed in February and approved by the board on May 28.

MásMóvil could start giving dividends in 2021; does not rule out buying other operators

MasMovil Could Start Giving Dividends In 2021; Does Not Rule Out Buying Other Operators

MásMóvil remains the exception in a sector marked by low growth rates and high competition. In fact, the company has begun 2020 with two positive pieces of news. On the one hand, the telecoms company is anticipating strong cash generation in 2021, which will allow it to reconsider shareholder remuneration policy. On the other hand, the company has once again been the leader, in January, in terms of client portability in both fixed and mobile phone markets.


Will MasMovil join the Ibex 35?

Renta 4 portfolio: MasMovil IN; Telefonica OUT

Renta 4 | We made a change in the Portfolio letting Telefónica (TEF) go, and MásMóvil (MAS) in, since the second has a much higher revaluation potential supported by its greater growth, double digit in revenue and expanding its operating margins, estimating that it will continue to be the operator with the highest share in the coming years.


MasMovil eliminates doubts about 5G entry: Buy (O.P. 25 euro/share)

MasMovil has closed a new agreement with Orange which includes both the mobile network (including 5G and extending it to 2028/2033) and Fibre to Home – FTTH – (including an additional 5.2 M UI) and at the same time has updates its estimates (2019/2020) extending them to 2021.


MasMovil quotes a very attractive return on cash flow attributable to shareholders: 11.7%

Santander Corporate & Investment | In 1Q19, MásMóvil (MAS) registered 140,000 new net subscribers in fixed broadband (compared to expectations of less than 100,000 for the entire market) and the trend in 2Q19 remains solid, considering fixed ports, suggesting no less of 100,000 net connections in 2Q19 and implies a risk of upward deviation for the scenario that we handle of 350,000 net connections in 2019E.