MasMovil does not need a strong investment in 5G

The Spanish company MasMovil does not need a strong investment in 5G. Nor does it need a greater investment to increase fiber coverage, apart from its existing plans.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley believe that the competition of Telefónica and Orange is still rational: “Vodafone is especially aggressive in the low-end segment, but MasMovil is not positioned in this segment.”

The broadband market continues to grow in Spain: 31% penetration in Spain vs. 42% on average in other European countries.

“MasMovil does not need consolidation, although the management team considers that it makes sense. They do not see an interesting connection between MasMovil and BT Spain, beyond a commercial collaboration. The stake in Portugal will not require investment by MasMovil. MASMOVIL, OVERWEIGHT, € 26″