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Telefónica Tech agrees to buy German tech co. offering cloud services for €375 M

BancaMarch | Telefónica (TEF) Tech, the information technology and digital transformation affiliate of the Spanish telecoms operator has announced the purchase of BE-Terna. The latter is a multinational firm offering services in the cloud and specialising in digital transformation. The acquisition, one of the biggest deals made by Telefónica Tech, will be closed for some 375 million euros (approx 1,4% of Telefónica’s stock market capital). The purchase will strengthen its…


Amazon Threatens Telecom Sector By Entering The Enterprise 5G Business

Renta 4 | Amazon has launched AWS private 5G, a solution for building private 5G networks with a focus on the corporate customer. One of the most attractive businesses for telecoms with the launch of 5G is expected to be the creation of private telecoms networks for corporate customers. For example, in Germany, states have set aside frequencies for the exclusive use of companies.

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Brazil Rewards Telefónica/Vivo And Large Operators In 5G Auction On 4 November

José Alves (Capital Madrid) | The big Brazilian operators – Telefónica’s Vivo, Telecom Italia’s Tim and América Móviles’ Claro – have plenty of reasons to celebrate the new deployment conditions Anatel, Brazil’s telecommunications regulator, has announced for the 5G auction on 4 November. It has not been easy due to the long and laborious preparation, which has required three and a half months of public consultation and eight months of…

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Spain’s 5G Spectrum Auction In The 700 MHz Band Closes At €1.01 Bn, 1.5% Over Starting Price

Operators will pay 1.01 billion euros, 1.5% more than the starting price of 995 million euros, for the 4 large blocks, 2×10 MHz, while the 3 small blocks, 2×5 MHz, were left without bids. Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange were awarded the licences, while MásMóvil did not bid. Telefónica was awarded block 1 and will pay 310 million euros (starting price 270 million euros), Vodafone block 2 and will pay 350 million euros and Orange was awarded blocks 3 and 4 paying 350 million euros. Vodafone’s and Orange’s blocks were awarded at the starting price.

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Spain: 5G Auction Begins

Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone will from Tuesday bid in the auction for frequencies in the 700 MHz band, essential for the take-off of 5G. The fourth operator, Más Móvil – which is taking over Euskaltel in a 2 billion euro deal – has finally dropped out of the auction. The tender is a year late, due to the pandemic, which led the government to postpone the event at the request of the telecoms themselves. The latter made almost twenty allegations and have obtained an extension of the award deadlines and a reduction in the price. It was initially 1.17 billion euros and has been reduced to 995 million, a 15% cut.


Spain Starts 5G And DTT Compatibility Tests In The 700 MHz Band

The test, which starts today Monday and will last four weeks, will be conducted along with mobile operators and equipment manufacturers in the municipalities of Alcázar de San Juan and La Solana, in the province of Ciudad Real. This trial is intended to assess whether the use of the 700 MHz band for the deployment of 5G may have any influence on DTT broadcasts using the 470 MHz to 694 MHz band, according to the Ministry led by Nadia Calviño. The tests are being carried out prior to the allocation of these frequencies, which will be done via auction next July. The government has already announced it will extend the term of the new frequency licences for 5G from 20 to 40 years, which will allow operators more leeway to amortise the investments made in the deployment of networks.


Spain: 5G Auction Continues To Be Delayed… And Falling In Price

The price was also high compared to what is being paid in other countries for the deployment of 5G technology, which is key to their competitiveness. For example, in the UK operators have paid €325m for 20 MHz blocks of the 700 MHz band vs. an initial starting price of €400m here, despite the UK telecoms market’s turnover being twice that of Spain’s.”

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Telefonica, Orange And Vodafone To Develop Joint Networks In Rural Areas With EU Reconstruction Funds

The telecom operators Movistar, Orange and Vodafone have agreed to form an alliance to bid together for the deployment of 4G and 5G mobile networks in rural areas that will be financed with European reconstruction funds. Specifically, Movistar, Vodafone and Orange would build between 3,000 and 4,500 new radio sites, adding an extra 15% and 23% to the existing ones. 

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Beijing’s Inroads Into European Infrastructure Go Far Beyond Huawei And 5G

European Views | A growing number of EU countries are voicing their concerns over Beijing’s increasing leverage as Chinese companies gain footholds in a number of essential European sectors. The Finnish intelligence community recently raised particular concerns about Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks and claimed that China & Russia are “trying to get hold of Finland’s critical infrastructure”. Dutch intelligence services, meanwhile, released a report last week arguing that Chinese cyber-espionage might pose an “imminent threat” to Dutch national security interests, particularly in key sectors including banking, energy and infrastructure.


Spain Will Auction Frequencies For 5G For A Minimum Of €1.17 Bn

Last week the government published the terms and conditions for the 5G auction to be held in Q1 21. Eight frequency blocks (700 MHz) will be bid on with a total starting price of 1,170 million euros, a one-off payment and a 20-year usage period. Obligations of 100% coverage are established for populations of more than 20,000 inhabitants in a period of 3 years, equivalent to providing service to 70% of the population. In addition, coverage will have to be given to highways, freeways and high-speed train stations.