German economy getting stronger

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German exports also rose in February, with the country exporting a total of €95.7 billion in February, 3.9% higher than the same period in 2014.

German exports to the EMU partners in the month was €56.6 billion, while it receieved good worth €50.7 billion in the month. Effectively, that means Germany is running a trade surplus of €5.9 billion with its Eurozone partners.

Some analysts claim Germany’s consistently high trade balances are acting as a destabilising influence on the rest of the Eurozone, a charge German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble vehemently denies.

The German trade surplus stands at €19.2 billion through February, a significant increase on the previous reading of  €15.9 billion. The country’s current account surplus is now at €16.6 billion, in line with the coalition government’s commitment to running balanced budgets throughout its term of office.

Minutes from the latest FOMC meeting of the Fed have revealed that U.S policy makers are divided on the timing of interest rate rises. “Several participants” have stated their preference for the Fed to make its move in June, while others foresaw that that it may be 2016 before we see a rates rise. The Fed will continue to monitor inflation figures closely before any final decision is taken.



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  1. The article confuses EU and Eurozone. German exports to the EZ in February were €35.6, Imports from the EZ were €34.8, a small surplus of €0.8. Please correct the article.

  2. Good. That is why Germany should pay its debts. Greece’s loans are to a large extent a swindle. Less than 40B stayed in the country. The
    rest washed through the countries books back to northern European banks.
    Everyone has to pay their real debts:

    Happy Easter everyone!

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