Spanish Gamesa plants Finland’s most powerful wind turbines


Finnish landscape of fir trees’ forests could be dotted with any different of windmills from this moment onwards. Within its internacionalization plan, Spanish wind manufacturer Gamesa recently opened its first commercial windfarm in the country.

This does not mean Finland is a country with no wind power development, yet it is still weak. In fact, the Nordic country is one of the European countries having best growth prospects with more than 1,550 MW of wind energy estimated to be installed on the horizon between 2014 and 2018. These figures would mean an increase of 260% regarding 2013’s closing. It is also expected by that time that 38% of Finland’s energy consumption come from renewable sources.

Gamesa’s 4.5 MW wind turbines are the most powerful the country has ever had and are designed to face low temperatures. The windfarm of 18MW is included in the agreement signed with Finnish energy joint venture TuuliWatti at the end of 2012 to provide Finland with 135MW, 123MW of which are already confirmed orders.


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