Large Spanish Companies’ Electricity Consumption Grows

Total will offer electricity and gas services in SpainTotal will offer electricity and gas services in Spain

Electricity consumption by large and medium-sized companies grew by 2.5% in August from a year earlier.

By sectors, industrial consumption grew by 3.5% and services by 1%. This data has been calculated taking into account calendar and weather effects.

In the eight months to August, large companies’ electricity consumption rose compared to a year ago, taking into account calendar  and weather effects.

Industry consumption grew by 3.2%, while services fell by 1.4% over the period.

Amongst the five main industrial sectors, metallurgy demand grew by 3.1% in August year-on-year, while the chemical industry rose 0.1% and manufacturing of other non-metal mineral products by 8.4%. Demand from the food sector increased by 1.2% and paper by 3.6%.

So positive consumption growth remains, despite the decline in the services sector. In global terms, taking into account remaining consumers, it is worth noting that the market accumulated growth of 1.3% in August, leaving behind the negative data registered in previous years.