Deloitte calculates Aena’s 2020/2021 revenue deficit at €2.482 B

Banc Sabadell | Aena (AENA) is continuing to struggle to reopen the compensation analysis for Covid-19, which the Civil Aviation and the Government have both denied. Now, according to the daily Cinco Dias, Aena will have asked Deloitte to prepare a report. In this, the latter estimates the revenue deficit during 2020, as a result of Covid-19, at 1.394 billion euros ( vs 1.364 billion published by the CNMC) and during…


AENA wins auction to manage 11 airports in Brazil for 30 years (€780 mn)

Intermoney |In line with information provided by Aena to the Stock Market Regulator (CNMV), and picked up by various media outlets, the airports operator (Hold, TP 140 euros/share) has won an auction to manage 11 airports in Brazil. The duration of the contract is 30 years and the value is 780 million euros, which includes both the price of the concession itself and an obligatory payment to the regulator. The…


After this August long- weekend in Spain AENA is only 5% off pre-Covid figures

Link Securities | According to figures made available to Europa Press by the company, the airlines in AENA’s airport network expect to have operated 24.835 flights over this August long-weekend. This represents just 5.5% less than in the same period of 2019, the year before the start of the pandemic. Saturday was seen as the day with the biggest number of operations, with a total of 6.311 flights scheduled, followed…


Aena offers best traffic figures from main European airports(22.2 M passengers)

Morgan Stanley | We have analysed the air traffic from the main European aiports (ADP, Aena, Fraport, Heathrow, Zurich) in May. In general, all of them have beaten our expectations. Specifically, Aena offers the best figures, with 22.2 million passengers, only -10% vs 2019 (and -7% vs 2019 in seat capacity). Looking ahead to the summer, we expect seat capacity to stabilise (-5%/-8% vs 2019), which could come under pressure…


Eurocontrol’s estimates are in line with those of Aena; sees 2024 air traffic +3% pre-Covid

Intermoney | The latest estimate from the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol) flags that air traffic in Spain will recover pre-Covid levels in 2024, a year, in fact, in which they would be 3% higher than in 2019, according to the daily Expansion. This would partly be in contrast with other markets like Italy and the UK (+2%) and particularly Germany, which would remain slightly below…


Aena studies upward revision to its 2022 traffic estimates

Bankinter | Before revising its estimates, Aena is looking at whether the strong acceleration in the recovery of the airline sector this summer is a flash in the pan. The study has arisen after ACI Europe improved its forecasts. It now estimates a recovery of 78% of traffic levels prior to the Covid virus on average in Europe vs 68% previously. These are the forecasts Aena used as a basis…


Traffic in Aena airports drops 27% in November 2021 vs 2019

Intermoney | Aena (Hold TP 135 euros/share) yesterday published the traffic figures for its airports, which in November once again showed a recovery with respect to pre-pandemic levels. Last month, traffic dropped 27%, compared to a 31% and 40% fall in October and September, respectively. On the other hand, for the year to date, the decline is 58%, with 107 million passengers. By airports, Madrid Barajas and El Prat clocked…


Aena Signs New Loans (1.075 billion euros); Achieves A Cash Position That Allows It To Cover 1 Year Of Costs

AENA has signed new loans with various financial institutions for a total of 1.075Bn euros. The loans have a maturity of between 1 and 4 years and will boost the firm’s liquidity to 2.425Bn euros (from 1.350Bn previously). AENA also has the possibility of increasing it further with the Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) programme up to 900Mn euros, of which 495Mn are still available. Furthermore, the company expects to close additional loans in the coming weeks.

Aena closing

Aena’s Passenger Traffic Drops 97% In Last Few Days

The number of Aena passengers has fallen by 45.5% so far in March, although it has accelerated to -97% in recent days. Therefore, its traffic forecasts for 2020 are no longer valid (+1.9%). To cushion the impact, Aena has reorganised the activity of its airports with the aim of temporarily reducing costs by approximately 43M euros per month.

barajas airport snow

Aena’s capacity for next winter would grow 0.5%

Spanish airport operator Aena expects an increase in capacity of + 0.5% for this winter, which represents a significant slowdown compared to the 19% summer traffic growth of + 4%, as well as the + 6% winter growth of 2018-19.