banco santander

Banco Santander

Santander Q1 Profit 331 Mn€, Down 82% Vs Previous Year; Provisions 1.646 Bn€

Banco Santander reported attributable profit of €331 million in the first quarter of 2020, 82% less than a year earlier, after recording a net charge of €1.646 billion. This impact was mainly due to a provision of €1.600 billion for the expected deterioration in macroeconomic conditions resulting from the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Banco Santander fulfills its commitment to shareholders and raises cash dividend by 3%

Santander Has €90 Bn Of Additional Credit For Families, Firms And SMEs Thanks To 2019 Second Dividend Cancellation

Banco Santander assumes that the coronavirus pandemic will force it to change its roadmap for the coming years. For the time being, the lender has announced that it will not pay a final 2019 dividend (0.13 euros/share planned for May) and suspended payment of the 2020 dividend. This is in line with the decision of the European banks which have adhered to the ECB’s recommendation.

Banco Santander designated Bank of the Year in Spain, Western Europe and the Americas

Santander Designated Bank Of The Year In Spain, Western Europe And The Americas

Banco Santander has been named Bank of the Year in Western Europe, the Americas, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Chile by The Banker magazine. The Banker recognized the bank’s “peerless commitment to an enhanced customer experience”, its pursuit of operational efficiency and its development of new digital, global trade and global merchant services.

A transition from Banco Popular to Santander

A transition, from Popular to Santander, with a bit of a respite in between

For a few hours on June 7, Banco Popular had three owners: the previous shareholders, the FROB and Banco Santander; a quick trip, with a stop in between for a bit of a respite, before changing its skin. The Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM), in other words the ECB, decided on Tuesday that Popular was inviable and immediately started the liquidation process which begins with a bail-in.