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Banco Santander fulfills its commitment to shareholders and raises cash dividend by 3%

Santander Adapts Governance to ECB Requests: Cuts Botín’s Executive Functions And Rises CEO’s

Banco Santander held an extraordinary board meeting yesterday afternoon to approve the rebalancing of powers between its executive chairwoman, Ana Botín, and the CEO, José Antonio Álvarez, financial sources told Europa Press. With this decision, Álvarez will report directly to the board of directors and not to Botín, as he has been doing until now. This is a situation requested by the European Central Bank (ECB), so that the entity…

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Banco Santander Reports Attributable Profit Of €5.849 Billion For The First Nine Months Of 2021

Underlying profit before tax was €11.4 billion (+74% in constant euros). The group’s fully loaded CET1 increased by 15 basis points in the quarter to 11.85% Santander clocked up €34.6 billion in total income in the first nine months of 2021, up 8% year-on-year in constant euros (excluding currency movements), with 94% of income coming from net interest income and fees. Net operating income increased by 11% year-on-year in constant…


Banco Santander Reports H1 2021 Attributable Profit Of €3.675 Billion

Revenues increased 8% and net operating income grew 13% on a constant currency basis. The group earned €22.7 billion in total income in the first half of 2021, up 8% year-on-year in constant euros(excluding currency movements). Net operating income grew by 13% year-on-year in constant euros to €12.3 billion, as lending and deposits increased by 2% and 4%, respectively, also in constant euros. Underlying profit in the first half nearly…

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“A Lot Of Things Are Not Defined. We Don’t Know What Is Green, What Is Brown…”

Fernando Rodríguez | “Nor do we know what rules the EBA is going to impose on these issues, or how some of the measures the ECB may take will affect capital ratios. So regulation is making it difficult for us to grow, because of all the limitations and all the capital requirements being imposed on us,” explains Ramiro Mato, chairman of the responsible banking, sustainability and corporate governance committee at Santander Bank: “For example, in Poland 70% of energy still comes from coal, and we cannot stop financing our customers all at once.”

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Banco Santander Buys Amherst Pierpont For 600 Million Dollars

Amherst Pierpont Securities, a US fixed income broker, was designated a primary dealer of U.S. Treasuries by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2019. And it is currently one of only three non-banks to hold that designation. Amherst Pierpont has approximately 230 employees serving more than 1,300 active institutional clients from its headquarters in New York and offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, other US locations and Hong…

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Santander Q1 Profit 331 Mn€, Down 82% Vs Previous Year; Provisions 1.646 Bn€

Banco Santander reported attributable profit of €331 million in the first quarter of 2020, 82% less than a year earlier, after recording a net charge of €1.646 billion. This impact was mainly due to a provision of €1.600 billion for the expected deterioration in macroeconomic conditions resulting from the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Banco Santander fulfills its commitment to shareholders and raises cash dividend by 3%

Santander Has €90 Bn Of Additional Credit For Families, Firms And SMEs Thanks To 2019 Second Dividend Cancellation

Banco Santander assumes that the coronavirus pandemic will force it to change its roadmap for the coming years. For the time being, the lender has announced that it will not pay a final 2019 dividend (0.13 euros/share planned for May) and suspended payment of the 2020 dividend. This is in line with the decision of the European banks which have adhered to the ECB’s recommendation.

Banco Santander designated Bank of the Year in Spain, Western Europe and the Americas

Santander Designated Bank Of The Year In Spain, Western Europe And The Americas

Banco Santander has been named Bank of the Year in Western Europe, the Americas, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Chile by The Banker magazine. The Banker recognized the bank’s “peerless commitment to an enhanced customer experience”, its pursuit of operational efficiency and its development of new digital, global trade and global merchant services.