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Spain to start repaying banking bailout loan

MADRID | The Corner | Spain will complete a first payment of the EU loan for the rescue of its financial system amounting to 1.3 billion euros, even if the first payment of interests was scheduled for 2022. Severely hit by the economic crisis, in 2012 the country took a nearly €42 bn loan of the €100 bn line arranged by the EU to bail its banks.

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Why markets feel suspicious about the Spanish banking audits

From | By Tomas Berggren, equity analysts at Saxo Bank | The result of the independent stress test on Spanish banks calmed the market somewhat. According to the report, the total losses in a worst-case scenario are €250-270 billion with the corresponding capital shortfall being €51-62 billion, i.e. well within what was expected and probably in line with what Madrid wanted to hear. The losses are still hefty, though, and should be…