Property sector

The reality of the property sector; raising rents does not increase prices

Alphavalue / Divancons | Blackstone’s mega property fund (BREIT, $125 billion of assets) has appeared all across financial press headlines in recent days. And it has made it clear there that, according to the terms of the fund, capital withdrawals are limited. The fund manager’s clients can only redeem 5% of their stake in the fund each quarter or 2% every month. All this is leading to investors in other…

Real estate

Investors Snap Up Coliving Assets in Spain

Investors, both funds and institutional investors, are snapping up “coliving” assets in Spain, according to the daily Expansion. Investment in this new type of asset class shot up to 430 million euros in the first half of 2022, almost five times more than in the whole of 2021, the newspaper said. Coliving, a flexible residential model where spaces and services are shared, is gathering momentum both amongst tenants and investors….

Banco Santander

Santander records €1.566 Bn on its balance sheet related to its 49% stake in joint venture with Blackstone

Private equity fund Blackstone and Banco Santander have injected 300 million euros in the property fund in which both have a stake. The alliance is a mix of societies under the umbrella of parent company Project Quasar Investments 2017, which includes what was previously Banco Popular’s real estate portfolio. Its gross assets are valued at 30 billion euros, with a net value of 10 billion.