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BME’s AIAF Market Exceeds €47 Billion In Sustainable Funding

Fernando Rodríguez| The AIAF market has surpassed 47 billion euros in sustainable fixed income issues with the incorporation today of the Kingdom of Spain’s first green bond for 5 billion euros. The Spanish government placed this bond last week, as part of a sustainable financing programme that the Treasury’s latest estimates put at a total of 20 billion euros. The funds will be used to finance projects promoting the ecological…

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Spain stock market trades €651.466 million in equities in 2017

Bolsas y Mercados (BME) has published a report giving details of stock market trading activity in December, as well as a figure for 2017 as a whole. Some €651.466 million were traded in equities during last year, in line with the amount negotiated in 2016.

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August 2016 Cash Equity Volumes: A Particularly Slow End To The Summer

UBS | Cash equity volumes were down sharply in August on a YoY and MoM basis across all the European exchanges we cover, driven by the typical seasonal summer slowdown. The August average daily volumes (ADVs) marked a 2 -year low for DB1 & LSE, a 3 -year low for Borsa Italiana and Euronext and a 14 -year low at BME . August ADVs were down 55% YoY for BME, 40- 44% for DB1, Euronext & Borsa Italiana and 24% for LSE.