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Brexit: what is future for Gibraltar?

What To Make Of The EU-UK Trade Agreement

Nick Ottens (Atlantic Sentinel) | I haven’t read the 1,246 pages of the EU-UK trade agreement, so I’m going to rely on trusted sources to make sense of the accord. For example, David Allen Green of the Financial Times argues the trade agreement leaves much unchanged. The Joint Partnership Council, alternating between Brussels and London, will be able to make binding decisions without the involvement of lawmakers. So much for UK “independence”.


Brexit Christmas Eve Gift: A Deal “In Extremis” And Decaffeinated, But A Deal

After 47 years of membership in the EU and 1,645 days since the British citizens voted their way out, finally early in the afternoon of the 24th, negotiators Michel Barnier and David Frost reported on the agreement on the conditions of exit and their new commercial relationship, which amount to near €900 Bn annually. This last minute deal avoids one of the biggest risks facing the Eurozone in recent years, but it is “vague in many aspects” and “both parties will force specific changes in the future”, say analysts.

academic experts consider what adoption of the 585-page draft Withdrawal Agreement would mean

The EU and UK Agree a Brexit Deal

Ranko Berich (Monex Europe) | The details of the deal will be digested by markets over the coming weeks, after traders have finished digesting Christmas lunch. Given the lack of fanfare over services provisions, the EU has likely retained the prerogative for equivalence recognition, importantly for financial services. If this is indeed the case this deal is at best a disincentive for investment in financial services in the UK, and at worst hangs a sword of damocles above the City and the wider economy.

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Brexit: Somewhere between a deal and a delay

David A. Meier (Julius Baer) | Saturday did not bring certainty to Brexit, after a narrow vote to postpone ratification of the deal until the necessary legislation to implement it has passed Parliament. An eventful week is to be expected in the UK Parliament, and the deal is not dead yet. We remain neutral on the British pound in the short term, as a deal or a delay seem almost equally likely now.


New Brexit deal agreed

After long hours of discussions, the UK and the EU negotiating teams reached a deal before a meeting of European leaders in Brussels. The legal text (which you can read here) will still need the approval of both the UK and European parliaments.

The EU will not grant London unlimited access to European financial markets

Brexit: All Eyes Turn On The UK Parliament

Chandra Roy | The next fortnight back at Westminster is likely to be the toughest of Mrs May’s tenure, but equally a testing period for the EU on the prospect of a rejection by UK MP’s, which could ultimately send the process back to “square one” and “open the door to more division and more uncertainty”, as Mrs May’s put it.

Too many questions on Brexit – no trivial solution for an unknown territory

Brexit: May Gets Deal, But The Most Difficult Part Still Lies Ahead

Last Friday, the UK and the European Union finally presented a 15-page exit deal, ending six months of tedious negotiations. According to Julius Baer’s analysts “it was the breakthrough UK Prime Minister May needed so badly”, but looking at the details, “the deal contains some serious political stumbling blocks.”