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Is ice between ECB and Bundesbank melting?

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | The Bundesbank must be really worried about euro zone’s economy evolution. The German central bank’s chairman Jens Weidmann, paradigm of the country’s economic orthodoxy, opened the door to an ECB’s eventual bond purchase program for the first time in order to fight against common currency’s appreciation and the ghost of deflation. Furthermore, the German economy, strongly linked to Ukrainian interests, could suffer a downturn in the 2Q14, according to Bundesbank’s estimations. Meanwhile, the ECB could be studying some operational and legal points to start the stimulus program.

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Warning signs in Germany’s housing market

MADRID| By Julia Pastor | German families are the largest savers in Europe but their banking deposits are not profitable enough in the current context of low interests rates. As a consequence national housing market is living a boom with an overvaluation between 10-20%, and reaching 25% in some capital cities such as Berlin or Hamburg. Does the word “bubble” suit these figures?

ECB Doctrine (e.d. Bundesbank’s)

ECB Doctrine (e.d. Bundesbank’s)

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | ECB’s policies have damaged more than helped the European economy. After all, the FED has managed to steer the US towards the path of growth, while the ECB is unable to make its policies work. But the truth is, they are not entirely the ECB’s but the Bundesbank’s procedures commanded by Ms Angela Merkel.


Bundesbank’s criticism of ECB’s bond-buying scheme

MADRID | By Luis Martí | What is worrying is the Bundesbank attitude of permanent and frank opposition to the initiatives of the ECB to overcome the crisis, being against any flexibility and realism that the economy is needing.


Bundesbank’s lack of adaptation will be its end

By Tania Suárez, Madrid | Three resignations are likely to take place soon in the Bundesbank: Weber, Stark and now Weidmann. Barclays experts say “the death rate in this institution seems unusually high.” The Bundesbank is impressive in its power and majesty, but analysists consider “their lack of ability to adapt to the circumstances” is going to lead to its disappearance. Barclays team suggests that “the ECB’s adaptation contrasts with…


What can one do with €800 billion?

By Nuño Rodrigo | www.cincodias.es | While our European leaders battle with a crisis seemingly impossible to be resolved, while euro zone third and the fourth economies feel threatened by the danger of being rescued because they cannot afford to access the markets, and while for all of these reasons the world approaches a crisis relapse, the guardian of austerity secrets and price stability wakes up every day with a sack of almost…


Listen, Bundesbank: it is not our imbalance, it’s the German surplus

By Luis Arroyo, in Madrid | The Bundesbank has protested for the bulk of credit on the other central banks of the euro zone. The amount credited is €500 billion. The German Central Bank now worries about the risk of default, and suggests that these assets must be collateralised by real assets from the countries that have generated them. As Wolfgang Munchau says, this display of arrogance is telling, indeed. These accrued debts/credits…