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Where is the success of the painful internal devaluation policy?

MADRID | By Luis Arroyo | The Spanish government has the statistics of the major firms in Spain, whose turnover amounts to more than €6 million, and uses the data to figure out where the economy is going. I don’t think this is a trustworthy source –although it is interesting- because businesses have a bigger self-financing capacity: they are not in need of banking credit to survive.

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Friday’s German chart: business sector feel euro unease

The IFO business index fell to 106.9 from 109.9 in April, only slightly above its recent low in October 2011 of 106.5. This was worse than the consensus expectations, which fell to 100.9 from 102.7, while the assessment of the current situation dropped to 113.3 from 117.5 in April. The IFO index is a monthly economic report, it surveys over 7,000 companies in Germany to obtain their opinion of the…

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One in ten UK business opts for remortgage instead of layoffs

LONDON | The cost of too many layoffs made during a steep crisis could leave a wide range of businesses unable to board the pick up economic train. So either it is optimism in the medium term or an honest belief in the coalition government’s mantra ‘we are all in this‘, but research from insurance firm More Than revealed Wednesday how small business owners are going to extraordinary lengths to…