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Changing The Labour Reform In Spain Without Repealing It, That Is The Question

Joan Tapia | It is vital to maintain a peaceful social climate in the coming months and to inspire confidence in the economic agents, a sine qua non condition for the preservation of employment and investment. That is why the much talked about complete overturning of the labour reform has been postponed and only “the most harmful aspects” have been changed. But the deadlines are running out and the most radical sectors are demanding that sectorial agreements take precedence over those with companies (which would reduce the flexibility of the economy.)

Time to talk about salaries

Now It’s Time To Talk About Salaries

The recession has produced one clear victim and it’s called salaries. Starting with those lost by the jobless and by those who have used up all their unemployment benefit. But those workers on lower salaries, have also suffered, seeing their purchasing power diminished.

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José Sartorius: “Most Spanish employers understand UK’s ‘no’ to the Tobin Tax”

By Jacobo de Regoyos, in Brussels | José Sartorius Álvarez de Bohorques devotes most of his time to his role as a member of the European Economic and Social Committee. He was appointed by the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations CEOE and the Banking Association AEB. Are the Spanish entrepreneurs against the Tobin tax? Well, I have not met with all Spanish entrepreneurs, but the AEB and the CEOE are contrary to the Tobin…