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The economic cold war between the US and China is here to stay

China And The US, For The Better And The Worse, Look Like More Than Many Can Admit

In this new binary world where China is bad and the US is good, there is a great danger of over-looking the very real structural risks in the west at the moment. As told by Mark Tinker, AXA strategist in Asia, one of the current amusing party games might be to play ‘substitute the words US for China in different bearish economic projection’ and see if it worries you more or less.

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China’s Economic Apocalypse Averted; Economy on Upswing

By Ray Kwong | China’s economy went from chump to champ in 30 years, with growth rates averaging 10% over three decades. To be sure, there are major downward shifts underway, but predictions that the Chinese economy will go down in flames—whether by crash, hard landing or [your favorite term here]—is crazy. Some detractors even foresee an economic apocalypse, one in which China will repeat Japan’s “lost decade” of stagnation.